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2022 Summer BBQ



The Surrey Section dining at the 2022 BBQ

Great fun was had by all and many thanks to Simon Smith for hosting the BBQ again in 2022


The line up of bikes on Simon’s lawn

Phil Hannam and his 1962 Manxman





Surrey Section BBQ Sunday 18th June 2022

The Surrey section had their annual BBQ at Simon Smith’s house or should I say country estate. Simon and his lovely wife, Martina, organised it all, and we had ten members of the Surrey section come along to the BBQ. Ken Rawlinson and I came on bikes, and when we left where I live, it was very over cast. When we got to Bletchingly the road up to Simon’s house was blocked due to road works being carried out. This meant that Ken and I had to use another road and ended up getting lost. We then saw the diversion sign, and Ken followed that with me trying to keep up. Ken finally saw Simon’s road and we made it into his back field.

Ken rode his 1965 Norton Atlas, which he has restored. Dave Copper rode his 1932 500cc International. This has such a loud exhaust and Dave has explained that children hold their hands over their ears when he rides past where he lives. Phil Hannam brought along his 1962 Manxman 650. I rode my factory experimental oil in frame, frame Matchless twin with the 646cc G12CSR engine. This frame was constructed, by the AMC experimental workshop at Plumstead ten full years before BSA, and Triumph brought out their own oil in frame bikes. If it had gone into production, and the unit twin engine had been used, to be placed in to that frame, then may be Norton’s history may have had a different ending. If only springs to mind. It is all conjecture of so many what if and may be, but the UK motorcycle industry did have some very advanced and talented designers, and forward thinking and very talented engineers.

The day progressed with some sunshine and then we had some not to heavy showers, but it was a very good day out for the Surrey section. We try to have a BBQ every year, for our members. Simon Smith is an integral part of the Surrey section team, as he stores and transports all our section equipment to our shows for us.

A huge thank you to both Simon, and Martina for arranging this BBQ for the Surrey section, on the day. 

Hayes Country Fair at The Warren

Surrey Norton Owners Club line up

Ken Rawlinson and his beautiful Atlas

We had so much fun we think we’ll be back at the Warren in 2023!

Phil and Robert Tuck with Phil’s very late Atlas

Phil Hannam and Kevin Dudding and the SNOC section line up of bikes

The Surrey Branch Stand made its first appearance at the Hayes Country Fair on the 12th June 2022 and was well received and very popular.

Here are some photos to tell the story.


See full write up below!













Surrey Section at the Hayes Village Fair on Sunday 12.06.2022

The Surrey section represented the NOC and we had a display of bikes at the Hayes Village Fair which was held at the Metropolitan Police Sports Club The Warren in Coney Hall in Bromley. This event is held every year, and I had approached The Warren to see if we could have a stand at one of the events that are held annually in the grounds of their club on their football and cricket fields. As I am a member of the Warren, I was sent a contact list of events to see if we could and would be able to be part of one of these events.

I contacted Pam Anderson, who was organising the HVF and she was very delighted for us to attend and display our Nortons. She also explained to me that the Jaguar car owners club would also be attending on the Sunday of the HVF. We had eight bikes on display, and our display attracted so many of those who went to the fair. There were so many of the visitors to our display that told us that their fathers, brother, or that they had them selves owned a Norton. Many repeated which we have all heard so many times before, that they should never have sold it. As they say, hindsight is 20/20 vision.

The Surrey section members that came along and displayed their bikes were

Phil Hannam 1962 Manxman 650

Howard Robinson 1974 M2A Commando Interstate

Phil Tuck 1967 Norton Atlas

Robert Tuck father of Phil 1960 600cc 99 Dominator Deluxe in Red

Kevin Dudding 1973 Commando 850 red Roadster

Ken Rawlinson 1965 Norton Atlas

Henry Dulat 1961 600cc 99 Dominator

Anthony Curzon 1968 P11A Ranger 750


I have decided to try to tell the story behind the bikes on display from our members.

Kevin Dudding’s 1973 850 Commando Roadster, was re-imported from the USA. It still has all the very original paintwork, as well as the original gearbox oil seals. It was imported by a previous owner, and it has new pistons in the front brake calliper. There is the later Commando MK3 front engine mounting, so Kevin does not have to worry about shims, any more. The rear he would like to have done, but that is an engine out task, so may be left for a later time. He took the cylinder head off and had that all redone, because of an on going oil leak. The bike looked amazing and sparkled in red in that hot Sunday sunshine.

Howard Robinson’s bought his 1974 M2A Commando Interstate from the Brough Superior dealer, and seller of classic bikes Anthony Godin in Kent. The bike was originally exported to Spain, so it may have gone to Challenge Motors to be sold to its first owners. It has been restored by Howard, with all new control cables, as well as the fitting of a Tri-Spark electronic ignition with a single twin coil to power the ignition. The Commando still utilises the Smiths Kilo Speedo that was issued with the bike when it was exported to Spain. Howard has added a pair of the later Amal Premier concentric carburettors, and added a halogen headlamp. It was originally painted red, but it is now painted in black. A stunning looking bike.

Phil Tuck’s 1967 Norton Atlas is a very late model of the Atlas, and Phil bought it 30 years ago. It was effectively a non runner or hardly running when he bought it, via Ace Classic in Hither Green. It had many of Paul Dunstall parts fitted to it, as well so many of the bikes parts chrome plated. This included the oil tank, and battery box, and the previous owner had added Paul Dunstall rear sets to the bike. The parts added were all proper and correct Paul Dunstall items. The engine now has a single carburettor, conversion and it utilises a Boyer Mk3 electronic ignition system, installed in the later type ignition mushroom housing, behind the cylinders. The handlebars have mountings that were constructed by Demon Tweaks, so the handles bars are about an inch higher. This gives Phil a better riding position for him. His dad Robert has carried out a lot of work on the bike. The cylinder head has been refurbished, and the front and rear brake linings have all been replaced. The Atlas has the original mudguards that it came with, so these must have been factory fitted at Plumstead. Phil at one time had used his Atlas to go to and from his place of work on.

Henry Dulat arrived later in the day on his 600 99 Dominator, and he came in via the boundary road at the back of the Warren. How he managed to get in mystified us all.

Ken Rawlinson our secretary has had a banner made by one of his neighbours to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Norton Atlas. The first Atlas prototype was dispatched to the Berliner Motor Corporation in New Jersey, New York, USA in 1961. The Surrey section will be going to put together a stand at a later show to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Norton Atlas. This may be at the Ardingly classic bike show in October2022. We shall be raising this banner at all the events that we will be attending this year.

The HVF event was a very hot Sunday, so we all took refuge under our gazebo. This was brought along by Oscar Frieslaar, and Graham Holcombe, from Ken’s house along with some chairs and tables, as Simon Smith who normally does this for us, had only just come out of hospital. Phil Hannam also brought along many chairs for us to all sit on. The organisers gave to us some cards so that we could go and get a complementary cup of tea or coffee. The event was very well run and organised, and I have asked Pam if we could be part of this event for next year, and she has readily agreed.

One of the members from the Jaguar Owners Club, the owner of an SS Jaguar, asked us if we would like to come along to one of his charity events. This will be for the St Christopher Hospice that this event is raising funds for. This will be held at Coolings Garden Centre, at Rushmore Hill, Knockholt, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN14, 7NN. This will be on Saturday, 6 August 2022 from 11am to 3pm. This event is going to be held in the front meadow at the garden centre. All members of the NOC are very welcome to come and join our display, on the day.


Anthony Curzon Press Officer SNOC


Surrey Branch NOC at the Ardingly Classic Bike Show 27 March 2022

Surrey Branch NOC at the Ardingly Classic Bike Show 27 March 2022


The Surrey section represented the NOC at the Ardingly show and we had twelve bikes attending. The display of Nortons was breath taking, as we had so many of the show goers coming over to admire the assembled bikes. We had many enquires for membership, and also to ask questions about our branches activities, as well as where we meet. We had many of those that attended asking us many different technical questions that we all managed to answer to the satisfaction of those that were asking. The P11 question that was asked of me, made me laugh. I had taken some SNOC club business cards with me, so that any prospective members to the Surrey branch would know of our location in Dorking. They can then come along to one of our monthly club night meetings.

The day started with Robert Tuck on his 1960 Slimline Dominator, who came over to me, as a ride along companion. We left before 8am, and set off via Selsdon. The roads were empty at that time of day, but it was a drizzling sort of rain, that only stopped when we got to Whyteleafe. The ride from there on was very pleasant, as the roads were all-dry, and with hardly any traffic on the A22 and we rode on at a brisk pace. When we arrived, the stand was almost set up, and after a few more tweaks, we were all ready to welcome our first visitors at 10am.

Julie Diplock, and all her staff at this event, makes this and her other shows and events ones to go to. They are all very efficient, and Julie is so very helpful with all our enquiries, and for any thing that we may need. Nothing is too much trouble for her and all those that assist her.

While I was at the show, I thought that it would be a good idea to get some insights into our member’s bikes and what they were rebuilding, and riding.

David Brown has an ex race bike with a 1958 600cc Dominator engine that he is restoring back to being a road bike once more. The engine is stamped with a 15N, number, which could be a Nomad, but the first Nomads began at 77996 numbers, so Dave’s engine is from a 1958 Model 77.  This is still a very rare engine. This has always been a race bike, and it was only registered for the road in 1991. The frame being of the wideline featherbed type. The bike will require all new wiring as there is nothing there at the moment.  David is one of our newest members, and he is a very valuable member of the Surrey section team, as he is always ready and willing to help with all that is required for the putting up and taking down of our stand. We are all looking forward to the day that David’s Dominator can be exhibited on our stand at one of our up and coming shows.

Bob Mathews’ immaculate 1959 600cc Dominator was original painted white, and it was this colour when he bought it in a dismantled state. He totally rebuilt the bike, and he has only just fitted a Norton 650ss cylinder head, and he explained to me that it has made a huge difference to the bikes performance. The dual seat is the one, which he fabricated himself, and it really is a work of art. With all this performance he has added, Bob has fitted a later Commando twin leading shoe front brake to help stop all that extra rampaging horsepower.

Robert Tuck’s 1960 Slimline Dominator De-Lux was originally sold from Harold Daniels shop in Forest Hill. This particular bike was ridden all over Europe as a press hack, to report on Grand Prix events. Robert has completed a lot of work on the particular Dominator with some ingenious extras that make his life riding it so much easier.

Phil Hannam managed to get to this event on his Manxman Dominator.  Phil had a very nasty and severe fall from a ladder, and he was in hospital for a while. Phil has been in a lot of pain, so riding his Dominator to our event, was so very painful for him, but a remarkable achievement for him to do so to support us.

Rod Daniels brought along his immaculate 1959 Dominator and Max Groves brought along two of his bikes to swell our numbers on our stand.

Rod Daniels and his Dominator


Max Groves and his 1964 Norton Atlas


Malcolm King rode his 850 Commando to the show for our stand for the first time, and it may be an 850 Mk2A. He has had this particular bike since 2017, when he bought it as a rolling wreck. Malcolm has totally rebuilt the engine and gearbox, and he has added electronic ignition, and converted the engine to use a single carburettor.

One must also give a very special mention our very own Simon Smith, as with out Simon we would not have our stand and equipment on site. Simon is so very important and an integral part to the running of all our events as without him bringing and storing all our stand’s equipment we would not be able to have a display of bikes that we have been able to put together for so many years.

At the Ardingly show was the late Chris Grimmett’s brother Andy, along with his friend Roger, who had a stall in the large sawdust floored hall. Many of the Surrey section visited this stall, and we bought some very much-needed items for our own restorations.


Those that exhibited their bikes on the day were as follows

Rod Daniels: 1959 600cc 99 Dominator

Robert Tuck: 1960 600cc Slimline 99 Dominator

Max Groves: 1940/41 ex WD Norton 16H

Max Groves: 1964 750cc Norton Atlas

Phil Hannam: 1962 Dominator 650 Manxman

Malcolm King: 1973 850 Commando

Bob Mathews: 1959 600cc 99 Dominator

Mike Petryszyn: 1993 Norton Commander, Rotary, Krauser

Ken Rawlinson: 1967 650ss Dominator

Simon Smith: 1972 750cc Norton Commando Roadster

Henry Dulate: 1960 600cc 99 Dominator

Anthony Curzon:  1958 600cc Norton Nomad, desert racer


I would like to give a huge thank you to all the members of the Surrey branch who made our showing at the Ardingly show such a memorable event.

The Surrey branch this year, will be attending the next Ardingly Classic bike show on Sunday 30 October. We shall also have a stand at the Warlingham Rugby Club, classic car and bike show on Sunday 17th July.

All Norton owners are welcome to come along, and be part of our stand. We are also trying to organize an event at the Warren, the Police club in Coney Hall, but we still have to sort out dates, as well as how we shall be organizing this day.

Henry Dulate our ride leader will be organizing many more ride outs for us, and every one is welcome to come along and enjoy the ride around the Surrey countryside. We normally meet at Henfold Lakes, which is off the A24 to the left of the Dorking roundabout and the turn off for Stonebridge, and Blackbrook. There is a very good café there, where we all meet for breakfast before we all leave to follow Henry our ride leader.

Our new chairman Phil Hannam has many new and exciting ideas for the branch for the coming year. These will be submitted to the branch for our members for these up and coming and very exciting events for us to be able to participate in.


Anthony Curzon





Norton Owners Day, at Rykas Cafe 8 September 2019

The Surrey section with Rex Butcher and Paul Smart, behind Mike Duffels Model 40 Manx Norton

Surrey Section Norton Owners Day, at Rykas Cafe 8 September 2019


The Surrey section who were representing the NOC, held a Norton Owners Day, on the Sunday, of the 8th September 2019, at Rykas Café off the A24 in Dorking, in Surrey. It was a very successful day, with over fifty Nortons arriving through out the day. We had three very special guests come along who were, the ex Paul Dunstall rider, Rex Butcher, Paul Smart, the winner at Imola, on a bike that became the Ducati 750ss. Paul Smart is very well known for all his racing prowess, along with Rex Butcher on Norton twins. Colin Seeley and his wife Eva came along to support this event for us.


Ken Rawlinson and I went to see Rykas about being able to hold this event earlier on in the year. The owner readily agreed, and a date was arranged. The weather was very good for us, and we had many members of the Surrey section come along to support us. Rykas Cafe is only a few hundred yards from our clubhouse, The Stepping Stones. Rykas Café is a very popular meeting point for the county’s motorcycle riders, as through out the day we had many owners of other bikes come over to look, and view our collection of Nortons.


Dave Gibson and his Model 30 International

We had three Norton 961’s arrive with Michael Petryszyn’s 961 being the oldest Norton 961. Another Norton that came to our Norton Day was a Norton 961 that was inspired by Henry Cole on his TV Motorcycle Show programme. This was the one with the black and silver petrol tank, with a new 19 registration number, so it was a new bike.


Those that brought along their race bikes for display on the day were the following.


Mike Braid brought along the following bikes.

Ex Mike Hailwood 1971 Daytona BSA Rocket 3

Ex Dave Croxford space, frame JPN Commando

Carlos Checa world superbike replica; this bike was never raced but was taken by Ducati as a display bike to shows. This was a bike that was used by Ducati, as a promotional bike, it is the real thing but not.


Some of BRT racings display

Neil and Martin Brailsford: This is the father and son team, that is BRT Racing, and all the bikes that Neil and Martin brought along are raced. They were all immaculately presented, and could very easily be used as museum exhibits.

Seeley Matchless comprising a new Matchless G50 engine in a Mk3 Seeley frame.

Seeley Commando comprising a 1974 850cc Commando engine in a Mk3 Seeley frame

Tricati, comprising a 1969 Triumph 500cc Daytona engine in a 1962 Ducati 250 ex-racing frame.

Triton 850cc comprising a 750cc Triumph 3 cylinder engine with 850cc barrels in a 1956 Norton Dominator wideline frame.

Seeley Triton comprising, a 1972 750cc Triumph triple engine in a Seeley full loop frame.

Norbsa, comprising a 1960 DBD34 500cc Gold Star engine in a 1956 Norton Dominator wideline frame.

Mike Duffel and his 1953 Model 30 Manx Norton

Mike Duffels Manx Norton, with the ex Mike Hailwood, Rocket 3, and the Dave Croxford, space frame ex works Norton Commando racer. Paul Smart can be seen talking to a visitor to our stand.

Mike Duffell:                  

The ex Des Craig 1953 Model 40 350cc Manx Norton. Mike is related to Joe Craig, as Des Craig was Joe Craig son. Des worked at Bracebridge Street, with his dad.

Paul Smart:

Nice blue Norton Dominator which was owned and bought new by one of his mechanics.  Paul now owns the bike and has had it fully restored. This bike has a twin carburettor inlet manifold.

Rob Prior: Percy Tait replica works 500cc racing bike.

Pete Morgan: 350cc Moto Morini race bike.


Owners unknown: Nice Triumph Rickman Metisse, 250cc TD2 Yamaha (plus another)


Our line up of bikes, with Dave Coopers International, John Blades, Mercury, my 1958 600 Nomad, Simon Smiths 1972 Commando, and Mike Petryszyn 961 Commando.

The Surrey section members displayed their 500cc and 600cc and 650cc Dominators, and their 750cc and 850cc Commandos. Dave Cooper brought along, and it was out for a longer run, on his newly acquired OHC International, ably supported by Dave Gibson who rode his own 1930’s 350cc International.  John Blades, who owns and rode his ex Frank Westworth 1969 650 Norton Mercury. I rode my 1958 Norton 600cc Nomad desert racer, to be added to our display. I had a visitor come over to see the Nomad, who could not believe it when he saw it on display. He explained to me he saw it across the car park, and said he ran over to have a look at it. He asked so many questions, as he still could not believe he was actually looking at one standing there in the metal.


The Paul Smart restored Dominator 99, and Mike Petryszyn, 961 Commando.

Through out the day we had many enquires about the bikes from owners of more modern Japanese bikes. Two of these owners asked me; who were mystified with the funny little lever on a Velocette’s handlebars and what it was for. I explained it was a valve lifter to be able to start the motor on the kick-starter, as the 500cc Venom has a high compression piston in it. They then asked what the other lever under the dual seat was for. This I explained was for the rider to be able to advance and retard the Venom’s ignition timing on the magneto. They were amazed at such control levers, as they did not understand why they were needed. The expressions on their faces after I explained it all was priceless.


Bob Matthews and his beautiful restored Model 99

None of this would not have have happened or even have been possible without our own Simon Smith. Simon brings along our gazebo as well as all our stands equipment to all our shows with his trailer. We had many of our own chairs out, as well as a table with the Surrey section cards on display. We had many enquires for membership, and where the Surrey section meets. There were also enquiries from those that attend about joining the NOC.  Mike Petryszyn organised the bikes for our display with his usual military precision. Ken Rawlinson looked after all of our guests, as it was Ken who organised the display from BRT Racing, and for Mike Braid for once more to bring bikes along from their amazing collections.


There were so many other nice and interesting bikes on display, we must have had at least 50 bikes or even more on display, on or around our stand. I would like to thank everyone who came along, and brought their bikes and their enthusiasm for our display. Can the Surrey section also thank the owners of Rykas for allowing us to be able to hold such an event?


Anthony Curzon, Press Officer for the Surrey section


Brooklands Motorcycle Show, Sunday 30th June 2019

Surrey Section at the Brooklands Motorcycle Show, Sunday 30th June 2019

The Surrey section represented the NOC at the Brooklands Motorcycle Show on Sunday 30 June 2019. The Campbell gates opened from 9am for exhibitors and traders, so I was there at just after 9am, ready to go in. The Sunbeam Café opened at 9.30am so tea, coffee, as well as sandwiches could be enjoyed by all. On the way there, by the side of the A3 was Patrick Bulimore, with his Norton Atlas. The kick-start lever was loose, when I pulled along side him, to see if I could be of any assistance.  Patrick then tied it back so it was not flapping about in the wind. We both then rode along the A3 to the Brooklands Show.

The Surrey section was allocated a section of the parking area at H in the Campbell car park. We were allocated a large section of the green at the back of the car park, so that our members had adequate space to display their bikes on. The event was expertly and very ably run, and organized, by Donna Marshall, the events manager for the Brooklands Museum Trust Ltd.

There were many clubs at this event, and there were demonstration parades, as well as the usual test hill ascents. The event had many visitors and it very crowded. The Surrey section had many visitors as well as those asking about membership, and those asking questions about their own bikes. The Surrey section has a very good in-depth knowledge of the bikes on display so those that came with their technical questions, went away with an answer to their queries. We gave out many of our section cards, so that any prospective members would know how to locate us if they wanted to be part of the Surrey section in the future.

The weather was very kind, and the sun shone brightly all day, making this event, very well attended, by both exhibitors and traders. The members that came along to our stand and displayed their bikes on our stand at the Brooklands Day consisted of the following models

Commando: 5

Manx Norton: 6

Dominator: 5

Commando 961 1. Mike Petryszyn’s Commando is from the first batch made

Norton Jubilee 1

Norton 500cc Nomad 1

Norton Model 18: 3 and these were from 1928 to 1932

In all we had 22 Norton’s of different types on display.


John Summerfield and his 1928 Model 18

Barry Stickland and his Manx that he rode to the event.

Two of our members, John Hirst and Nigel Heugh, both ascended the test hill on their Commando’s. I managed to get a picture of John Hirst on the test hill, even though it was crowded with spectators. I used the fighter pilot art of the deflection shot. So just before John came in to the shot, on the hill, I hit the camera button, and got what I think was the perfect picture.

John Summerfield brought along his 1928 Model 18, and John had a large poster on display in front of his Model 18 explaining the bikes history, of this particular immaculate single. John’s Model 18 was first registered on the 9th September 1929, and it was the first model to have a saddle tank fitted to it. John has been restoring this amazing Norton, and it will be ready soon to be used more upon the Queens highway.

Another visitor to our stand was the very dapper Barry Stickland with his road going Manx Norton that he rode to the event to park on our stand. We also had from the Solent section of the NOC, Simon Carver with his 1951 Model 30 Beart International Norton that he rode up to the event from the south coast. Simon has had this Manx along time, and he displayed on the front of the machine, the history and his families involvement with it. Max Groves brought along his immaculate ex Isle of Man TT raced 1953 Manx Norton and his Norton Atlas. Max then went out with the Manx, on the road in front of our stand. After a small run and bump, and the motor fired, and Max sat on it very contented that it had done so.

We had another member arrive on what appeared to be a Steve Tonkin built for the road Manx Norton. It was beautifully constructed machine and we all hoped that when the owner left it would start for him. This it did after a few kicks on the kick-starter and away he went, bringing that beautiful noise to all those he passed, on the way out.

Paul Smith and his beautiful Commando creation

Another visitor to the Surrey section stand was Paul Smith. Paul had built from a 1974 Interpol 850cc Mk2A a truly remarkable Commando with S type parts, and many RGM custom-made components. This bike is an amazing build by Paul, and it attracted a huge amount of attention from all those that visited our stand. Paul had also added a large board to the front of this bike so that those that came to view it could read about its history and the restoration. The alloy petrol tank was hand made by a company in Wales called Tab 11 Classics. This petrol tank is a remarkable example of the metalworker’s art from this company in Wales. The list of parts, and those that supplied them was extensive.

Dave Carpenter brought along with his son two Manx Norton’s. One of them was the ex Dennis Jenkinson 1946 Manx Norton. This particular Manx Norton had only just been completed after a very extensive restoration by them both. This was the actual machine that Dennis raced. There was also a board on display at the front of this particular bike, with a picture of Dennis and the bike. This bike was also featured in the You Tube documentary that was filmed by the Brooklands Museum’s personnel of the show and I had to try to talk about it. Dave Carpenter at this point in time, was nowhere to be found. I explained to the interviewer, that I did not know that much about it, but I could give him an in-depth explanation about my 500cc Nomad.

Nigel Heugh did the parade lap along the old Brooklands racetrack finish straight. They rode 3 to 4 at a time, for five minutes. Nigel was riding his 1971 Commando Roadster Mk2. On the original finish, straight there was a selection of Brooklands Museum bikes on display.

We have to give a huge amount of thanks to Simon Smith, as with out his pickup truck and trailer the Surrey section would have not had a stand, to display. Simon brings all that the section requires to all our events. Mike Petryszyn, as always was organizing all of us when we put up the gazebo, with his normal military procession, and for the over all lay out of the stand.

To all those came along, and displayed their bikes can we give a huge amount of thanks for helping us have such a large selections of Norton for our public display.


Anthony Curzon, Press Officer for the Surrey section.




Ride Out to Newlands Corner, 29 May 2019

Surrey Section Ride Out to Newlands Corner, 29 May 2019

left to right, Chris Barraclough, Patrick Bullimore, Ken Rawlinson, Rod Daniels, and John Hirst



The Surrey section arranged a ride out to Newlands Corner on 29 May 2019, with the Velocette Owners Club, who we were to meet there.  This was arranged with our secretary, Ken Rawlinson, and the chairman of the VOC, Dave Catt.  We had arranged for some of us to meet at Tattenham Corner in Epsom, for 9.30am. I arrived at 9.15am to find the car park full of trucks, and as I had never been, there before I was unsure that I was at the correct location. I sat there for a while until, a lady on a pedal bike arrived and I asked her if I was at Tattenham Corner. She informed me that I was, and the reason the car park was so crowded was because it was the Epsom Derby on the Saturday.


I met up with Ken Rawlinson and Rod Daniels at Tattenham Corner just after 9.30 am, no one else turned up, and the – coffee “shop” was closed. We left at 10am and went on to Newlands Corner with Rod in the lead as he has been there before many times. Thanks to John Blades for his routes, which I think, we mainly took. The three of us were the first to arrive at Newlands Corner, and then we had a cup of coffee and tea, and a bacon roll. There were many of the Velo fellows who arrived at 11.15am and three more Norton lads, Patrick Bullimore, Chris Barraclough and John Hirst. Also came along was John Telford, an AJS & MOC member on his Matchless G80CS inspired bike. The weather was not too bad, but it was a bit cold and dampish. This I did not mind so much as the 500 Nomad has a new engine that I am still running in.

Atlas with Patrick Bullimore

The route that Rod Daniels took was through the back roads of Tadworth, where Rods 600cc Dominator and Ken’s 750 Atlas were not troubled by the narrow and twisting lanes. At one, stage on the ride, on a hill, that was narrow, a pickup truck came storming up the hill oblivious to any thing coming the other way. As I was on the Nomad I was not too bothered, but you have to wonder what may have transpired if I had been in a car.

Commando, with John Hirst


The afternoon became cloudy, and then it started to rain on and off, so I decided to leave, and head off on the A25 via Dorking and home. It was a good day out, and to meet up with other club member’s and other like minded souls.


Anthony Curzon, Press Officer, Surrey section



Other Upcoming Events

9:00 am Hayes Village Fair at MPS Sport... @ MPS Sport Club, The Warren, Coney Hill, Hayes, Bromley
Hayes Village Fair at MPS Sport... @ MPS Sport Club, The Warren, Coney Hill, Hayes, Bromley
Jun 11 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
This will be the second Surrey Norton Owners Club outing to the Hayes Village Fair – 2022 was great fun and the Norton Owners Club display of motorbikes of the marque was very popular.  
7:30 pm Club Night at The Stepping Stones @ The Stepping Stones PH
Club Night at The Stepping Stones @ The Stepping Stones PH
Jun 13 @ 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm
Come and find us at our pre-covid meeting venue of ‘The Stepping Stones’ in West Humble – just down from Ryka’s near Box Hill, just north of Dorking, Surrey. Our new date is the 2nd[...]
7:30 pm Club Night at The Stepping Stones @ The Stepping Stones PH
Club Night at The Stepping Stones @ The Stepping Stones PH
Jul 11 @ 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm
Come and find us at our pre-covid meeting venue of ‘The Stepping Stones’ in West Humble – just down from Ryka’s near Box Hill, just north of Dorking, Surrey. Our new date is the 2nd[...]
9:00 am Warlingham Classic Car and Bike ... @ Warlingham Rugby Club
Warlingham Classic Car and Bike ... @ Warlingham Rugby Club
Jul 16 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Warlingham Classic Car and Bike Show @ Warlingham Rugby Club | England | United Kingdom
Warlingham Rugby Club is the fabulous venue for the Warlingham Classic Car and Bike Show – It is a large field with very good amenities in the clubhouse. Entry is by donation, branch members will[...]
7:30 pm Club Night at The Stepping Stones @ The Stepping Stones PH
Club Night at The Stepping Stones @ The Stepping Stones PH
Aug 8 @ 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm
Come and find us at our pre-covid meeting venue of ‘The Stepping Stones’ in West Humble – just down from Ryka’s near Box Hill, just north of Dorking, Surrey. Our new date is the 2nd[...]
7:30 pm Club Night at The Stepping Stones @ The Stepping Stones PH
Club Night at The Stepping Stones @ The Stepping Stones PH
Sep 12 @ 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm
Come and find us at our pre-covid meeting venue of ‘The Stepping Stones’ in West Humble – just down from Ryka’s near Box Hill, just north of Dorking, Surrey. Our new date is the 2nd[...]
7:30 pm Club Night at The Stepping Stones @ The Stepping Stones PH
Club Night at The Stepping Stones @ The Stepping Stones PH
Oct 10 @ 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm
Come and find us at our pre-covid meeting venue of ‘The Stepping Stones’ in West Humble – just down from Ryka’s near Box Hill, just north of Dorking, Surrey. Our new date is the 2nd[...]
7:30 pm Club Night at The Stepping Stones @ The Stepping Stones PH
Club Night at The Stepping Stones @ The Stepping Stones PH
Nov 14 @ 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm
Come and find us at our pre-covid meeting venue of ‘The Stepping Stones’ in West Humble – just down from Ryka’s near Box Hill, just north of Dorking, Surrey. Our new date is the 2nd[...]
7:30 pm Club Night at The Stepping Stones @ The Stepping Stones PH
Club Night at The Stepping Stones @ The Stepping Stones PH
Dec 12 @ 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm
Come and find us at our pre-covid meeting venue of ‘The Stepping Stones’ in West Humble – just down from Ryka’s near Box Hill, just north of Dorking, Surrey. Our new date is the 2nd[...]
7:30 pm Club Night at The Stepping Stones @ The Stepping Stones PH
Club Night at The Stepping Stones @ The Stepping Stones PH
Jan 9 @ 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm
Come and find us at our pre-covid meeting venue of ‘The Stepping Stones’ in West Humble – just down from Ryka’s near Box Hill, just north of Dorking, Surrey. Our new date is the 2nd[...]