Brooklands Show 2016

Surrey Section at the Brooklands Motorcycle Show 3 July 2016


The Surrey section had a stand at the Brooklands Motorcycle Show on the 3 July 2016.

Steve Parrish was the special guest at the Brooklands Museums biggest motorcycle event of the year. The show paid homage to the heyday of the race track, but also featured the very latest machines from some of the latest manufacturers. The gates opened at 10am, and the standard entry charge was £11. The show lasted from 10am till 5pm, and those that were exhibiting were given a free entry ticket. There were many manufactures and main dealers there, such as the newly reintroduced Francis Barnet make, as well the Ace Café, London Motorcycle Museum, and other motorcycle related stalls with their bikes, and services on display. Unfortunately Norton Motors Ltd did not attend so we could not view their latest models on display.


I arrived at 8.30am as requested and Mike Duffell, Geoff Cole where already in residence at our pitch half way down where the car park is. We were in between the BMW club of GB, and the Triumph Owners Club. The other section members duly arrived and then it was all hands to get our marquee erected, chairs laid out and the table erected for all our events for this year to be put out on display. The day started off warm and sunny as the proceeding days had been any thing but.


The very dapper Barry Stickland our clubs OHC specialist arrived on his 1956 500cc International, after returning from the previous days Norton Rally on his Manx Norton. The International he explained was easier to ride so he brought that to be displayed on our stand. Dave Carpenter brought along two of his vintage Norton singles.


Those that displayed their bikes on our stand were as follows:-


Simon Smith             1972 Commando Roadster

Mike Petryszyn         2010 961 SE Commando

Mike Duffell              1953 350cc Model 40 ex Des Craig Manx

Geoff Cole                 1969 Commando

Dave Carpenter        1929 Model 18, racer that was tuned by Stan Johnson.1948 350                   Manx that came 33rd in the 1948 IOM TT.

Barry Stickland         1956 500cc International

Bjorn Christensen   1970 Commando Roadster

Howard Thompson  1958 Dominator 88

John Gardener         1965 Dominator 650ss

Peter Burdon            1963 Dominator 650ss

Anthony Curzon      1963 Norton Atlas Scrambler desert racer


We had 13 bikes on our stand, and some of those that arrived at this event had asked to be able to display their bikes on our stand, to this we all readily agreed. One rider who came and displayed his bike I unfortunately did not know his name. The stand was very busy through out the day with all our members being asked about their bikes on display and answering the huge and varied amount of questions that came from those that visited us. Barry’s bike came in for allot of admiring and covetous looks and every time Barry returned to our stand he was directed towards some one with allot questions, both about his bike on display and the other OHC bikes that Norton had made. To all this Barry answered all these questions with the charm and technical know how that he is so renowned for. His Manx Norton front brake was an optional extra, as when Barry obtained it, it had the standard Dominator front hub fitted to it. Barry explained to me that the slider had an extra lug for the fitting of a Manx front wheel when it had left Bracebridge Street. Barry has since then fitted this Manx front brake and the bike looks all the more magnificent for the fitting of it. Many of those visitors queried this brake saying that it could not have been an original fitting on this model. Barry then explained that actually it was.


Another two visitors to our stand were brothers and they had owned a plunger framed Manx Norton which now they sadly explained resided in America. They miss this bike, and showed us many pictures of the bike and them in their younger days. This also now they very much regret having sold it, but then hindsight is 20, 20 vision.


Dave Carpenter was our competitor on the test hill with his 1929 Model 18. So there he is still waiting to take his run up the hill, when his time came to go, then nothing, the engine just stopped. So he pushed it back very disappointed, thinking the magneto had packed it in. He pushed it back to our stand and there it sat all of us still thinking that the magneto had packed it in. Then one of our members spotted that the HT lead from the magneto to the spark plug had melted onto the exhaust pipe. This was pulled off and I found that the HT lead copper core was not damaged so if we could tape it up Dave would be able have another try at the Test Hill. Mike Duffell came to rescue with some blue insulating tape, and we rerouted the HT, and so Dave, his son and their helper were out again running up and down to get the Model 18 to start. To this it readily did and the cacophony of sound exploded from the straight through exhaust pipe, Dave then got on and he was off to join the queue of riders waiting for the test hill, the sound of its exhaust echoing around the stands before the test hill start line. I then went over to take a few pictures of those waiting to go up the test hill. Then a remarkable sight and performance, as one of the riders was on a pedal bike, and to a gasp of amazement from those who were there observing the test hill, this rider managed what four riders afterwards could not manage on a motorcycle.


Dave waited in line, and I could only just pick him out because of that blue insulating tape on the frame and the HT lead. As those that could not make it up the hill had to be either pushed off or come back down, there was this plumb of smoke hanging over those waiting to ride the hill. Then Dave Carpenter came up to the start line, the Union flag was dropped, Dave gave it full throttle, and the revs dropped alarmingly as it was in third gear. Dave then wound up the engine dropped a gear and up the hill he rocketed to the cheers of those assembled on the sides of the test hill. Dave then returned very pleased with the bikes performance. As the day was very warm and the rockers on the Model 18 are not pressure fed, but have grease fittings so Dave gave the rockers some extra oil before he left for the test hill. He also changed the 18mm spark plug and gave it a good clean.


The test hill featured a huge variety of bikes as well as some of them from the Brooklands Museum being used in anger up the hill. These bring back to the assembled  onlookers the sight, sounds and the intoxicating aroma of that famous maker of oil Castrol R from a by gone age being used as their riders back then intended.


Mike Petryszyn’s 2010 961 SE Commando came in for allot of questions and admiring looks, from those who visited our stand but had not seen the newly introduced Norton bikes. Mike Duffell’s bike drew a visitor who just wanted to touch and feel it and run his hand over the petrol tank as he always wanted a Manx Norton but could never afford to own one. This made his day as he could finally touch a real Manx Norton, with Mike explaining to those that viewed the bike the history and back ground to this particular Manx.


Geoff Cole was also busily answering questions from those that attended about the branch and there were many enquires about the branch where we meet, and all about the activities of the Surrey branch.


The day did get a tad on the cloudy side and there was a small amount of rain but this all cleared away, and once more the sun returned to shine upon those at the event. The Brookland’s paddock was a mass of bikes, with a very rare Brough flat twin(George Brough’s dad’s make) being run up on starting rollers. This being successful once, and then it did not want to go again. There was a single OHC Triumph over on the London Motorcycle Museum, also being started up. There was so much for the vintage, veteran and classic bike enthusiast to see and experience may be for the very first time. There was also the newly manufactured Brough Superior on display as well as many more vintage Brough Superiors for those that came could view, and admire, but with the outrageous prices, only those with very deep pockets can now own and ride. There was a Brough Superior with a sidecar attached taking passengers around the car park for rides in the sidecar.


The day moved on and the crowds thinned out and the test hill came to an end, and it was time for us all to pack it all up and our marquee and leave as the atmosphere was for every one to soak up and experience. One of the Brookland’s personnel came over and to thank us for coming along and displaying our bikes, for our stand, and for our involvement. This I thought was a very good gesture on their part and we were asked if we would come along again for the next year’s motorcycle event.


To all those that brought along their bikes, helped with the display, and were part of our day can I thank you all, and good roads to you all. To the Dave Carpenter entourage your display of bikes and the never giving up attitude and to get the bikes to run, was something for all those there to see and experienced it was a once in a life time event.


Anthony Curzon

Press  Officer Surrey section


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