Ardingly Show 26th October 2015

Ardingly Show 26.10.2015 011The Surrey Branch had a stand and a display of owner’s bikes at the South of England Ardingly Real Classic show on the 25 October 2015. The guest of honour was Jim Redman MBE, six times world champion and six time Isle of Man TT winner. Jim was in the Queen Jubilee Show hall and the show goers were able to meet and converse with him. The show was also a tribute to Norton’s Manx and any owners that were fortunate enough to own any of these fabulous machines that were produced from the 1930’s through to the 1960’s were encouraged to bring them along and display them.

The weather was really good, apart from the morning ride to the show which just happened to be really cold, but the day warmed up, and the ride home was very pleasant. We had eight members who brought along and displayed their bikes, and two of them were camshaft Norton’s.

The picture is of Roger Deadman and his 1958 Model 30 Manx Norton. We had a visitor to your stand, Rick Parkington, who is the spannering supremo of Classic Bike. Rick was doing the judging as Frank and Rowena could not make this October Ardingly show. From left to right it is Dave Gibson, Chris Barraclough, Rick Parkington, Bjorn, Christiansen, Andy Neal, and Peter Burdon.

The following members brought along their bikes that were displayed on our stand.

Bjorn Christiansen  1970 Commando Roadster, in Bronze

Andy Neil                  1970 Commando Roadster, in Yellow

Chris Barraclough   1960 500cc Dominator

Peter Burden            1963 650ss

Ken Rawlinson        1966 650ss

Dave Gibson             1935 Model 40 349cc

Roger Deadman      1958 Manx Model 30 499cc   this bike was up on our display plinth

Anthony Curzon      1963 Norton 750cc Atlas Scrambler Desert racer

Ardingly Show 26.10.2015 017Chris Barraclough’s Dominator was used by its previous owner as a sprinter and it has a lot of special or trick parts to make it completive when it was being sprinted. Roger Deadman’s Manx Norton was used in the Isle of Man TT and it came forth in one of these events. Our stand had many visitors with lots of questions about the bikes on display, as well as many enquiries about membership and where we all met. Unfortunately this time we never managed to get any awards for our bikes or the stand, and the best stand went to the BSA Bantam owners club. Chris Barraclough once again was the master technician who was able to assemble and take apart our display plinth, with help[ from the rest of us, and if he did not turn up it would make it all the more harder to put it up and take it apart. Geoff Cole stepped up and collected all the sections stands and equipment, as Mike Duffell was away getting a very well earned and deserved rest. Peter Burdon was mobbed with visitors asking a myriad of questions about his immaculate 1963 650ss. Dave Gibson, and Roger Deadman were asking questions from the many visitors that admired both of their camshaft Norton’s.

The event was jammed packed with visitors and there was a huge selection of bikes for the visitor to see and enjoy, as well as a massive auto-jumble with a huge variation of parts to sort through. The day got warmer as it progressed so being out side and looking for that elusive part was made a much more pleasurable experience if the weather had turned cold and rained. Most of the stalls or under cover so at least there would have been an escape if it had rained. Julie Diplock and her team have progressed this bike show to such an extent that it so much bigger and better that many events in previous years. It so very well organised and every one involved does a really great job great job at all the shows that Julie organizes at Ardingly. Ardingly is so easy to get to and leave, and at least in this part of southern England the roads are not that  congested so a ride back is not such a pain being stuck in an endless queue of traffic and slow moving cars.

Our next event will be our AGM on the 11th November, and on the 14th December we will be having a competition evening, against the Velocette Owners club, at their venue, the Royal British Legion Club, Lower Road, Bookham, KT24 5JP, Surrey. There will be the usual games including Jenga, knock out pool, and possibly Darts. Our annual dinner will be in January 2016, as well as once more at the South of England classic show at Ardingly on 3rd April 2016. There will also be another classic show on the 23rd October 2016, and we shall also have a stand at the Kempton Park classic show as we have booked a space for our stand at the event.

Anthony Curzon

Press officer Surrey Branch.

Talk by Dave Newman of Newman Cams

Ray Lightfoot & Dave newman 005On Wednesday 14th October 2015, the Surrey section had 24 attendees, from the Surrey section, Velocette owners club, and the VMCC, as we were really lucky to have secured the attendance as Guest speaker of Dave Newman from “Newman Cams”.   Dave was a Formula 750 racing driver,  Formula 750 racing champion and built and raced his own cars. He worked for Pipers in Hayes in Bromley before leaving to set up on his own. He designed his own cams using some French curves, a ruler, and a Churchill grinding machine.

Dave set up his new business in a bungalow where the car park is now at Newman Cams. He also owns a Riley Falcon car.  Dave has said a lot of his talk would be Norton orientated, and he also explained about the cams they made for the now defunct Norton Nemesis project.

Dave first made camshafts for Paul Dunstall via Reg Curley. The Norton cams from the factory were originally made of mild steel and then case hardened.  The cams were then made from EN36 steel so that they did not crack but they still did. EN40 steel solved the problem of cams that cracked. Newman’s now use child iron that use the best wearing for camshaft, as Andover Norton uses child iron and some are also made in EN40 steel.

Dave Newman worked on the Al Mellings’ Norton V8 Nemesis project. The Nemesis would not run as it had to be spun via the rear wheel because it had race cams and roller rockers in it for street use. Newman Cams did a lot of development work for the various owners of the Norton company name. Dave also explained allot about the different types of material used for the types of camshafts that they produce. Dave also answered many questions this very interesting and rather intense topic of their composition and of their various designs. Dave also explained about the various metals used in the camshafts that they produce and also said that they do not make any more cams in EN36 steel any more. Dave also explained about the Tuftriding and Nitriding methods of hardening camshafts, and also how questing ramps work on camshafts.

Dave  also very kindly brought along a standard Norton Commando camshaft that he auctioned off for our club funds. The camshaft was bought by our very own Henry Dulat, and the funds were passed on to our treasurer, Geoff Cole. It was very interesting talk that Dave gave to us all, and can I extend our sincere thanks to Dave  from the Surrey branch for him for making the time and the effort to come along and give us such an in-depth insight to the manufacture and design of this small but very important part of any four stroke engine. Newman cams make camshafts from copies from samples sent from all over the world, and the company that Dave has set up is now a very well known and famous name in the camshaft industry. They also have their own web site, and Face Book page. Dave Newman Cams is ably assisted by Dave’s son Ken, and the Works Manager Brian Edwards(See Pic. above)

Ken Rawlinson on the “5000 Curves” Spanish Rally

IMG_1408This is Surrey Branch’s  Ken Rawlinson on his
Mark 3 Commando Interstate for the”5000 Curves”  Spanish Rally

Capel Classic Car and Bike – August 2015

The Surrey section attended the Capel Classic Car and Bike Show on the Saturday August 15th 2015 from 12 noon to 5pm. We had a large marquee and ten members brought along their bikes for display on our stand. This year’s featured Marques were pre WW2 vehicles. The main show sponsor was Mole Valley Specialist Cars Ltd. The show is run by the Friends of St John the Baptist Church, in Mortimer Road, Capel in Surrey. Capel is off the A24 road that runs from Dorking through to Horsham, and it is very easily accessed from the other parts of Surrey, and the surrounding areas. There is this huge field behind the church where all the cars and bikes can and were displayed. There was also an additional attraction, the Capel Horticultural Show. There was also a large auto jumble as well as a sort car boot type stalls, as well as allot of craft stalls, and also many different varieties of food stalls available for the show goers to sample and enjoy.

There were some fears that the event may have been rained off due to the torrential rain that had been falling over the previous two days, but the weather Gods smiled on us all, and the sun came out to make it a spectacular day out. The gates were opened to the public from 12.00 and the public also had separate parking facilities. It is a very well run and organised show, and it is all in aid of the charity for St John the Baptist Church. For this event display vehicles have to have booked earlier and every entrant is given a show number and also a really well written and glossy programme as well as a metal plaque was handed out to all those that displayed a car or a bike. There is a web site should any of the members who live in Surrey or Sussex who would like to or want to attend next year’s event.

Capel car & bike show 9.8.2015 004There were club stands, and the Corvette club of the UK, had a large display of cars. There were also bike clubs stands, military vehicles, racing cars, and bikes, commercial, classic and veteran cars all on the display in the sunshine that made an excellent day out. Dave Degens also displayed many of his road and racing bikes behind the Surrey branch stand.

The Surrey sections Mike Duffel so very unfortunately had a minor stroke and he ended up in East Surrey hospital. Mike stores all our sections stands equipment so we had to make alternative arrangements. Our Geoff Cole stepped into the breach, and we all met at our chairman’s house, and then on to Mike place to collect all the stands material. So Geoff, Steve and I turned up at Mike’s house and garage, and loaded all the equipment into Geoff’s car, then onto the Capel show. The back roads following Steve to the Capel show is a really great ride, on a sunny afternoon, and the growl from my Atlas Scramblers exhausts was a joy to listen to.


The Capel show was packed, and as it is all for charity this makes it a much better prospect for attending visitors. Our own Dave Gibson gave a more modern Suzuki four cylinder bike a scare on a roundabout. As he was coming up to this roundabout, the Suzuki was on the outside and Dave drove inside the other cornering bike and powered out of the roundabout. The Suzuki rider must have been stunned to have been over taken and then left by a bike that must have been twice as old as he was. The Suzuki eventually caught up with Dave but the point had been proved from a handling point of view. It goes to show how good Norton’s made bikes then and later that held the road in such an amazing way. Dave was feeling deservedly smug at what he had done, when he arrived at the show.

Capel car & bike show 9.8.2015 007Those that arrived and exhibited their bikes are as follows

Patrick Bulimore       1971 Commando Fastback

Bjorn Christiansen   1970 Commando Roadster

Steve Eccleshall        2012 Norton 961 Sport

Simon Smith             1973 Commando Roadster

Chris Barraclough   1940 16H

Dave Cooper            1937 16H

Dave Gibson             1935 Inter Model 40 350cc

Roger Deadman      1957 Manx 500cc, 1942 Ex WD 16H. Roger brought his two bikes to the show in his ex US army 1942 6X6 GMC truck that he put out on display

Peter Ashley            1959 ES2 Wideline café racer. This engine has no internal stock parts.

Anthony Curzon     1963 Atlas Scrambler desert racer

Capel car & bike show 9.8.2015 012

Mike Duffel has now almost fully recovered and we all wish him a very speedy recovery and a return to full health. He should have left the hospital and now be recovering at home. We have another show that the Surrey section will be attending and this will be the Real Classic Ardingly show in October.


Capel car & bike show 9.8.2015 002Those in the line up in our marquee from left to right are, Bjorn Christiansen, Simon Smith, Dave Cooper seated on his 16H, our chairman Steven Eccleshall, Patrick Bulimore, Roger Deadman, and Dave Gibson.


Seated on the bikes are Left to Right, Chris Barraclough, and David Cooper.


Can I thank all those that made the effort to attend, and display their bikes and for all their help with erecting and packing away our marquee. That was hard graft as it is a bike marquee to put up and pack away. It was a great day out, and the day ended on a great note with me following Steve and his friend on the way home through those Surrey back lanes. I can still remember the growling from my twin exhaust pipes as we passed by a cricket match on a green on the back lanes in Surrey. It was a really enjoyable and wonderful day out.


Anthony Curzon


Press Officer

NOC Surrey Branch

Norton Day at Brooklands

Norton Day at Brooklands, 12.7.2015 006The Surrey section held their Norton Day at Brooklands on Sunday 12th July 2015. The day did not start that well, as soon as I went out to the garage to get the bike out it rained. The weather for all that been hot and very sunny and when Sunday came for the Norton Day it was overcast and down right dull. We had an early morning meeting with Donna of Brooklands at 8.30am concerning the test hill, and the other health and safety concerns that were expressed by Donna and her team. Ken Rawlinson came over to my house and I pushed my 1963 Norton Atlas Scrambler out of the green and onto the main road so as not to annoy the neighbours at 7am in the morning. As a desert racer with loud exhaust pipes can be very anti social at that time of the morning.

When travelling through South Croydon, Banstead and Epsom so early in the morning there is not that much traffic on the road, and the rain so very thankfully had failed to start up again. Nigel Heugh put out all the signs for the directions to the Campbell Gate for our Norton Day, for all those that may not have been to the event before, but it was not that hard to find as there is allot of signage out on the main roads to Brooklands.

After the meeting with Donna we all helped with the erection of the Surrey sections marquee and the marquee for the helmet park. Mike Duffle did his usual very impressive organizational job of bringing all the necessary pieces of equipment that the section needs to make the Norton Day a complete and well organized event. Mike also brought along his ex Des Craig Manx Norton. We were also organizing a raffle for a painting that done by our very own, master of the paint brush Dave Gibson and the rider’s choice of bike. There was also a form given out for the rider’s choice of bike, or the bike you would like to take home. Our Surrey section marquee was organized by our chairman Steve Eccleshall’s wife Clare who was very efficient at managing all the comings and going from those that wanted to ride the test hill, and also helping with all the many queries that came up from those that attended the event. Clare was the model of calm, and efficiency at such a busy time of the morning.

The weather curtailed allot of members turning up, as it had rained very heavily at about mid day, but that did not dampen the enthusiasm of those that attended. Donna explained to us at the meeting that if the weather was bad then the test hill could not be used at she explained it would become like glass and therefore very dangerous. Thankfully the weather Gods were with us and it turned out to be good, and the test hill was opened to all those that had paid for the option of using it. At last years event we had over 100 Norton’s in the paddock, and 50 other makes parked out side. This year we could only muster about 50 bikes due to the rather bad weather conditions. We had only one lightweight attend, a blue Norton Jubilee 250 with a fairing fitted and it was in very good condition. To all those that helped

The test hill proved very popular, as many members signed up to use it. There was allot of different models of Norton’s that arrived, and our members came from long distances to attend. We had two members that came up from Cornwall and one who rode his Dominator from Lincolnshire. We also had one of the P10 Norton twin designers attend our event; Bill Cakebread and his wife Val who brought their plunger framed camshaft Norton up from the south coast and he also rode the test hill. We also had Julie Diplock arrive with her companion who also rode a Commando, and Julie rode her very rare twin port Triumph single also up from the south coast. Julie runs and organizes some of the best shows and auto-jumbles in the south east.

The raffle for the painting was drawn by our own Bill Cakebread and the first ticket out was our Chairman’s Steve, but Steve returned it for another draw. The painting was won by a Don Green, from Walton on Thames, from a ticket that was bought by his wife. The rider’s choice bike was won by Pete McDermott, with his 1936 Norton 16H from the Thames Valley section.

Can I extend our thanks to Dave Gibson for the raffle painting, to Mike Duffell for bringing all the marquees and equipment? To Clare for organizing our marquee, and for all our members that helped with the test hill riders, the helmet park. We also had to wait as one member that attended left his helmet and carry pack till the very end so we had top stay till it was collected and then we could then all go home. Even though the weather was not the best the day was still a good one for all those that attended. The Surrey sections committee all did a brilliant job, and we totally rocked. A great day was had by all despite the weather being not at its best.

The pictures are of the Surrey section in our marquee, and Bill Cakebread with his plunger frames camshaft single.

Anthony Curzon

WRC Car Show

WRC Car show 19.7.2015 001On the 19 July 2015 the Warlingham Rugby Club, organized a Classic car and bike show. This was from 12pm till 5pm. It was organized by Steve Wakeman of WRC, and there were vintage, classic American cars, trucks, vans and bikes. It was all in aid of raising money for Cancer Research UK, and the event was sponsored by Days Garage, and MBS Mobile Bodywork Solutions. The venue was at WRC on the Limpsfield Road Warlingham, on a really sunny afternoon. This looks like it may turn into an Annual event, so next year it may have more cars and bikes attending.

WRC Car show 19.7.2015 065The Surrey section had five members attend or six including me but I took my 1974 Chevrolet Z28 Camaro along to the event.

Those that attended were as follows

WRC Car show 19.7.2015 008Chris Barraclough, brought along his 1974 850 Mk2A Commando that was a Roadster but he converted it to an Interstate as he was covering a lot of miles and he needed a bigger petrol tank.
Simon Smith, his yellow 1972 Commando Roadster.
Geoff Cole, his 1968 Commando Fastback
Dave Cooper 1964 Dominator 88ss.
Peter Ashley his Featherbed special ES2 and it was clocked at 107 mph on the mountain in the Isle of Man.

In the first picture it is Chris Barraclough, Simon Smith and Peter Ashley. In the second picture that is Geoff Cole, Chris Barraclough, Simon Smith, and Peter Ashley.

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